Turning neat ideas into

Inventing investments

that work for YOU!

Inventors are special people.  They are brilliant.  They are creative.  And they make the world work.  Often they speak a language all their own.  Jeanette and the techs at Propellerhead all speak geek.  And we know how to help the brilliant and talented people you’ve invested in to find a beautiful and bountiful bottom line.

Projects completed
Tech words translated
Fortune 500 clients
Start ups optimized


Finding New Technology

We aren’t dazzled by demos or baffled by B.S. We find the tech that’s new and relevant to your world.

Translating Tech Talk

We speak geek, creative, c-suite and finance. Our talented and experienced “techsplainers” convert tech talk into everyday language relevant to you.

Defining Target Markets

All that glitters is decidedly not gold. We help evaluate technology in terms of who will use it and how much they will be willing to pay for it.


So many inventors and engineers fall in love with their ideas.  Left to their own devices they will endlessly sketch and refine and rebuild their products before they are released to even the smallest focus group.  But today’s tech world changes moment by moment.  That’s why Jeanette and the team at Propellerhead uses tools from agile development and Lean Startup to help your investment companies build fast and fail fast so you can decide quickly whether to improve the product or dump it and try something else.

Agile Development

We have experienced product owners and scrum masters that do more than simply pay lip service to agile development vocabulary. Our team members know how to get product out and in the hands of customers FAST!

Lean Startup

We have team members that have worked closely with Eric Ries and the Lean Startup Team to understand and implement the principles of Lean Startup and get you to Minimum Viable Product in short order.

Entrepreneurs, inventors and engineers love to talk about what they do.  They love to share details about the technology, the tools, the market, their amazing team and so much more.

But you are a busy person.  You need to drill down and get to the heart of the business as quickly as possible.  Who are the stakeholders?  What is the opportunity?  Does this team have what they need to capitalize on that opportunity?  And what is standing in the way.  Propellerhead’s people move their egos out of the way and work as business sanitation experts.  We clear up the junk that’s getting in everybody’s way so they can focus on doing what they do best, and you can see a faster and larger return on your investment.

Big business calls for big thinking.  That means moving beyond a single technology or idea or even product to see the big picture.  That also means seeing the environment not only as it is, but also as it will be 30 days, 6 months or even 5 years down the road.

Propellerhead’s experienced team members help entrepreneurs, inventors and engineers move beyond the myopic view to understand how products, technologies and ideas can be extrapolate, enhanced and even exploded to make a big difference in the world and in the bottom line.

Time is money.  It may sound trite, but it’s also totally true.  Nobody works in a vacuum.  Competitors are experimenting, learning and improving even in the few minutes it takes to read this sentence.  Winners in the current global marketplace are those who can rapidly prototype, quickly test and instantly respond to the actual needs of real customers.

Propellerhead’s team knows how to move tech companies and teams along.  We are relentless and ruthless when it comes to the timeline.  Products are put in front of paying customers as quickly as possible.  Data is analyzed instantly.  And teams learn to iterate, pivot or die right quick.

We’ve lived the problems and we understand the solution


We start by respecting the entrepreneurs, inventors and engineers and really, really listening. So often the brightest and the best are written off as geeks, or nerds, or just different.  But there’s always more to learn.  And everyone deserves to be heard.

Our team members are and have been entrepreneurs, inventors and engineers.  We understand the excitement and the fear.  We know what it’s like to put it all on the line for something you love.  We come to our work with this understanding fresh in our minds every day.

The best way to help entrepreneurs, inventors and engineers is to make a space in which they can grow and learn and succeed.  Often that space is built with a patient, yet exceptionally stubborn tough love. We know how to do this.  We are, in fact, very, very good at it.

Evaluate BEFORE you invest!

We’re happy to help make your current investment companies perform at their best.  We’re even happier to help you evaluate the strength of a company before you make that initial investment.  We’ll sit down with the management team at your investment target and develop a rapid and concise SWOT analysis as well as an overall impression of the target’s offering.

Let us be your guide!

In order to make investment decisions,  you need to understand the technology.  We’ll help you understand the technology, the terminology and where it all fits in the current market environment.  We understand where various technologies fit in the investment cycle and our partners can help evaluate the potential for current or future patent applications.

Let’s DO this thing!