Back for Year 3

For the past 3 years Jeanette DePatie has provided a variety of services to the National Association of Broadcasters show (NAB).  As a long time exhibitor/attendee Jeanette is deeply in touch with broadcast engineering and video technology.  For the past 3 years, Jeanette has worked with her pals at partner company StoryTech to provide insights, education and entertainment.

Over the past few years Jeanette has been involved in a number of projects for the NAB including producing the audio tours for the NAB app, providing VIP and C-suite briefings and handling many exclusive floor tours.

The Mobile Audio Tours

For the past 3 years, Jeanette has been responsible for creating the mobile audio tours for NAB.  For each year, Jeanette created 3 unique tours highlighting that year’s most important marketing, creative and technical trends.  The tours have proven extremely popular, and it seems likely Jeanette will do them again next year.

Tours Written
Words Written Per Tour
App Downloads per Year

Techsplaining the Trends

Along with her partners at StoryTech, Jeanette sorted the vast information available among the miles of trade show booths at NAB into 5 easily understandable trends.  Rather than trying to cover every new technology at the show, Jeanette gave NAB VIP show audiences a framework upon which they could hang new ideas and a context for what impact these ideas are likely to have in our everyday lives.

Whether walking the aisles and curating unique user experiences during the VIP tours, or waking folks up with briskly entertaining morning briefings, Jeanette helped executives get the most out of their NAB experiences.