1. Spectacular Speaker

Jeanette has spoken to standing ovations at Fortune 500 Companies, Ivy-League Universities and International Conferences throughout the world.  She’s the ultimate techsplainer–helping audiences understand Blockchain, Web 3, NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, VR, AR and tons of other types of tech.

2. Whiz-Kid Writer

Jeanette is an award-winning, best-selling published writer who has penned hundreds of thousands of words describing everything from how to make a fool-proof souffle to how to incorporate blockchain into music licensing to how to use DCP-based encoding to maximize bandwidth.  She specializes in taking really complex concepts and boiling them down for comprehension and consumption by average humans.

3. Prolific Producer

Jeanette has created interactive content for most of the major Hollywood studios including Disney, HBO, Paramount, Sony, Universal and WB and has created content by and with such legends as Joss Whedon and Martin Scorsese.  She has created content for Web3, Metaverse, AR, VR, 3D, mobile, web, Blu-ray and DVD platforms.



NSA Professional Member

Over 20 Years Experience

Brilliant Blockchain Technology Speaker

Super Fun and Energetic

“Made my boss feel like a ROCK STAR!”

“She totally saved my tech company investment!”

WB AR and VR Event

CES 2017 Trendcasting and Speaking

Lean Startup Live Webcast Series

Lean Startup Training Video #3

Lean Startup Training Video #2

Lean Startup Conference Speaker Training Videos


Engineers Break the Bamboo Ceiling

National Association of Broadcasters

Speaking Reel–Fitness

“Jeanette ROCKED the place with her positive energy!”


Trending Upwards

Jeanette talks about what you need to know right now in the tech world in terms of 5 easy-to-understand trends that are customized for your company or team.


New Kid on the Blockchain

From DeFi to DAO to Web 3 to NFT Jeanette will break down these new concepts into bite-sized blocks that make sense to all.

Two Pipes and a Funnel

Jeanette techsplains how she raised several million dollars for her first software startup with two pieces of PVC pipe, a funnel and a rubber chicken.

Techsplain it to Me

Jeanette takes apart difficult technology terms in a particular industry and explains it using sock puppets, play-doh and whatever else it takes!

Marketing for Engineers 101

They won’t invest in it if they can’t understand it. Learn to make your product, concept or cause tangible and watch the money roll in.

Network Like a Ninja

Jeanette shares some important tips for making the most of any networking event, how to scope a room, and connect via service!

USA Networking Superstars

You’ve come to the US from another country to study or to work. From body language to discussion topics Jeanette helps you get the job or the promotion.

EmPOWerment for Women

Jeanette helps you overcome your girlhood shyness conditioning so you can Stand Up, Speak Out, Sell Like a Boss and get the career of your dreams.

Love What You Got

In this world of digitally retouched people and standards of beauty that are literally impossible, Jeanette helps you love the skin you’re in.


Jeanette shares what she’s learned in over 20 years as a licensed fitness instructor–that exercise is for EVERY BODY, and unicorns don’t exist.

Body Love Warm Up

Get your body love, exercise, diversity or women’s event ROCKING with this 3 minute to 30 minute body love chair power dance.

Produce Your Best Life

Jeanette shares tips she has learned as a Hollywood producer to help you imagine, plan and produce your best life.

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Does your boss need a warm-up act?

Jeanette DePatie is the ultimate event planner’s dream come true.  Give her 3 minutes or 3 hours and she will get your audience to its feet and rock your room.  Attendees are energized!  Speakers fight to follow her.  With Jeanette as your warm up act, you can make any boss feel like a rock star!

Jeanette Talks Fitness

Jeanette is also a certified fitness instructor, former marathoner and triathlete who talks about fitness for EVERY BODY.  She has spoken at The American Diabetes Association, American Lung, Kaiser Permanente, YMCA, YWCA,  Take Control of Your Diabetes, and the American Cancer Society.

Jeanette Produces

Jeanette has also produced a number of interactive content projects in Hollywood and has served on the national board of the Producers Guild of America.  She’s worked with major American icons like Martin Scorsese and Joss Whedon to create content for most of the major studios.  She frequently speaks on what it means to produce your best life.

“The BEST producer I’ve ever worked with!”

A Fearless and Tech Savvy Producer

Jeanette DePatie has been producing content utilizing bleeding-edge technology for over a decade.  From CD, DVD and Blu-ray to OTT, 3D, mobile, web, AR and VR, Jeanette can make thrilling, effective, brand-building content to fit any acronym or format.

Kandee Lewis, Executive Director, The Positive Results Corporation for California Baptist University “Her workshop, at our event at California Baptist University, for over 600 people was OUTSTANDING. The workshop received positive remarks from all participants and excellent overall rating. And the workshop was filled to capacity! Because of her knowledge and experience, we were a complete success!”

Jasmine Aguilar, Initiatives Director, USC “On top of being super easy to work with, she was an incredibly fun instructor and she was an amazing speaker…The keynote was informative, funny, and engaging…She’s incredibly knowledgeable, eloquent, approachable, and relatable to anyone she comes into contact with. This definitely will not be the last time we will call her for our events!”
Rona Edwards, Chapman University, Singapore “The students are always engaged by the information Jeanette has to offer and, she never fails to surprise them with something they didn’t know.”
Julianne Smith, City of Rialto “I felt so overwhelmed by the certainty that in those moments you were sharing with the group you were absolutely fulfilling your purpose in this life. You are so gifted and so talented – when you open your heart and share with people about these important things, I feel God moving through you.”

Writing Samples

Documentation Samples

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