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Big Beginnings

In these early days of technology we helped our first client write a killer business plan, develop a bleeding edge multimedia presentation (long before Powerpoint was a thing) and raise several million dollars in venture capital using two pieces of PVC pipe and a plastic funnel.  We helped them with strong marketing and advertising campaigns as well as a powerful white paper (called The Big Squeeze.)  The company went on to 2 more rounds of funding and several award winning products.

How we did it

Beyond the basics of strong market research and rock solid financials, we helped the company take an extremely technical, difficult to understand and intangible product and make it real for the investors.  Far before anyone really understood agile development or Lean Startup we were implementing the principles with a service bureau that helped the engineers understand the customers, refine the products and start making money right away.

Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s…

Propellerhead got ready to ring in the millennium with a strong  list of both Fortune 500 and startup companies.  We helped technology training company Wave Technologies develop their most successful tech training bootcamp ever.  We helped SAIR develop its popular Linux certification program.  We created business plans and built strategies for sports networking companies, digital imaging companies, a safety glass company and a health company.  We also ramped up our Fortune 500 company client roster including companies like Hitachi, Sony, Panasonic, Ulead and many more.

Two Years Later

In 2002 Propellerhead made the big move from the midwest to Sunny Southern California.  In particular, this move allowed us to be closer to our video and broadcast technology clients as well as our studio clients.  Propellerhead added a number of small to medium size technology and content creation companies to their portfolio at this time including Production Data Services, Evolution LA, Trailer Park, 3Pop Labs, Veria Network, Think Mobile and the Independent Comedy Network.

Propellerhead also added significantly to its portfolio of Fortune 500 companies and Major Hollywood Studios including Google, HDNet, Fox, Disney, Warner Bros, Sony and Technicolor.

The Next Decade

Over the next decade, Propellerhead went on to work with many other technology startups including SyncPop, Technology Made Simple, Dance To It, Real Big Publishing, 1K and Cole Lighting.  Propellerhead continued to help these companies flourish even during the challenging economic downturn.

The Big Guys

During this same time, Propellerhead continued to build connections and projects with large technology companies and Hollywood Studios including Intel, Microsoft, Google, Paramount, HBO, Universal and Konami.  These companies turned to Propellerhead to help build  interactive content, explain complicated technology and identify future trends.

Moving Forward

Propellerhead continues to provide expertise to small and medium sized companies, Fortune 500 companies, major studios and investors.  We have recently been asked to provide our expertise in describing trends and creating techsplainer tour products for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  Companies of all sizes rely on Propellerhead to understand technology, explain technology and evaluate technology investments for today and the future.

Our “Techsplainers” and Propellerhead Whisperers Rock the Real World.

Startup Analysis

We look at startup companies and evaluate their worthiness for investment.

Trend Analysis

We help companies understand the impact of technology trends on their future.

Startup Consulting

We help technology startups find a perfect fit between their products and their paying customers.

Signal Boost

We help startups and large companies alike boost the signal about their new products and achievements.


We make complicated technological terminology and concepts tangible and understandable.

Content Development

Our content marketing specialists work with companies of all sizes to create content that compels.

Our Clients

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